Saturday, July 10, 2010

What's going on?

I'm still having a hard time with the weight loss. I've lost about 8 pounds total. My friend's husband works with bariatric patients and gave me some tips and eating plans to follow, so that is my new step along with Weight Watchers. I wish I knew why it was so hard. It sounds so simple, so why isn't it? It is frustrating is what it is.

Now that it is summer it is even harder to get to Zumba regularly. I have really been thinking about some "wisdom" that I heard recently. If you want to be thin, do what thin people do. I've noticed that most thin people I know are usually very active during the day and I sit on the computer for hours at a time. This is something that I need to work on.

I have felt so chaotic lately and out of control. Probably doesn't help that my husband lost his job recently, for reasons that the company he worked for told him they didn't have to tell. I know that the main cause is that I haven't been doing daily devotions or praying, so I haven't been able to cast all of my worries onto the Lord. That is DEFINITELY something I need to fix. I need to start everything with prayer.