Saturday, November 30, 2013

Unglued Review.

Unglued Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions

By Lysa TerKeurst

From "Why is it that those we love the most often receive the brunt of our worst moods? In Unglued, New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst offers words of hope and healing for women struggling to make wise choices in the midst of their raw emotions. She shows how to positively process reactive emotions that come from situations all women face daily.
Raw emotions are those feelings we hide from others but take out on those we love most. We may exhibit patience and kindness when talking with the grocery clerk, a co-worker, even the difficult person at the returns counter; but, at home, sometimes the smallest, most trivial things set women off, sparking an angry word, cruel comment behind someone’s back, or a flood of tears. All women experience these ‘unglued feelings’ at times, often when they least expect it. These emotions are not wrong, in fact they are God-given. However, our emotions should be indicators not dictators. Each experience is an opportunity to either fall back into patterns that make us wallow in guilt or chose more wisely and make progress. TerKeurst equips women with spiritual strategies to help them manage their reactions. It’s one thing to tell a woman to control her feelings but a whole new kind of help to show her step by step how to let this situation work for her rather than against her."

Unglued has been a very convicting read for me. I struggle with losing my temper a lot. She does a great job of really sharing her struggles and how she worked and continued to work to overcome them. She helps with practical tips and advice. I recommend this read for any Mom, especially those who struggle with anger issues.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

More randomness

A lot has been going on in our home lately. I'm finally getting out of the physical limitations and slowly getting stronger. Several of us have been sick, praying we are on the other side of that as well. Homeschooling is going fairly well. We are doing well in our regular subjects, spelling, language, math, reading and writing. History and Science are still a little random but I know will we get them figured out soon. Bible has been great and I may even just do a review of the program on here at a later date. I've learned a lot from it as well.

I've felt very overwhelmed but also extremely thankful too. I have an amazing husband and five amazing kids. I have friends and family whom I adore and who love me back. I enjoy this month of remembering our thankfulness. I participate in posting something I'm thankful for every day on facebook along with several of my friends. It is good to be reminded of what we have instead of what we don't have or what we think we should have or need.

A lot of randomness, but that's the name of this blog. I pray this finds all of you well and I hope you can find something to be thankful for every day this month. In fact, I challenge you to and if you get a chance, share it with someone, maybe me, or just someone you know. Tell the people that you are thankful for that you are thankful for them. It might be just what they need to hear. :)