Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back from break/ New Years

I took a month or so off from blogging. A lot happened around the holiday season and the holiday season itself is busy, so I took a break. I pray everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. I'm excited to say that I have just joined a group of friends sign up for my very first 5k in May. I have a lot of work to be able to even walk it after being pregnant for the last two years, but I am very excited. It is called the Color Run and is suppose to be the happiest 5k race around. It isn't even timed.

 I'm not much of a resolution kind of gal, but I am hoping to change a lot of my habits in this New Year. Signing up for a 5k is definitely something I haven't done before. Have you done anything new this year? Any resolutions you'd like to share?