Monday, April 15, 2013

Time4learning Review

     I was recently invited to try Time4learning for a month free in exchange for my honest review. I hadn't heard of this website before, so I was excited to check it out. I signed up my three oldest children ages, 10, 7 and 3 as members and we were on our way.

     The website is very easy to use and does a wonderful job of introducing you to its functions and features. My children, with except of the 3 year old, were able to log in and complete lessons without any assistance from me. It includes fun videos that made the kids giggle and laugh and really enjoy learning.

     My 10 year old who is currently in 5th grade especially loved the Language Arts lessons. He loved "The Old Time Wordshow" and "Word Herd". Word Herd is the name for the quizzes. I would hear lots of giggles every time he was working on a lesson. He wanted to do more than one lesson at time because he enjoyed it so much.

    My 7 year old also really enjoyed the Language Arts lessons. She is currently in second grade and easily completed each lesson on her own. She is advanced above the second grade level in some areas and it was very easy to change the difficulty in her lessons.

    My three year old is just learning her numbers and ABC's and the preschool section was very easy for her to follow. She wasn't able to complete the lessons on her own since her computer skills aren't very good, but she enjoyed pointing to what she wanted me or her older brother to click when answering questions.

In closing, I think we will consider joining this website in the future. My children really enjoyed it and continually asked to do more lessons, or "Can I do my time4learning now?" I recommend this program for at least the ages of my children, if not all ages.


  1. My boys LOVE word herd! I can't say enough about Time4learning it made my boys love to learn with the funny cartoon like characters!