Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Introducing Benny! Our new pet rabbit.

Our friends, a wonderful married couple that we've known for the last few years, recently got four rabbits to start raising for meat. They intended on purchasing two males and two females. Well, as it turned out, they had three males and one female. That just wouldn't work. With three cages and four rabbits, the males were constantly fighting.

So we were asked if we would like a bunny. I immediately said, "YES!" because I would have tons of animals at the house if I got my way, lol. After my husband agreed that we could get the rabbit we set about getting the needed supplies.

Once the cage and feeding appartus were purchased, the rabbit was rushed right over. The kids immediately fell in love with our new pet and named him Benny. My husband, in his quick wit, calls him Benny Rabbit.

As you can see, we completely misjudged the size of the rabbit and just a mere four days after getting him we were back at the store getting a new, much larger cage.

 I've never had a rabbit before, so my dear friend gave me a quick lesson on how to handle them. Apparently, I didn't listen or just am unable to do it because this is what happened when I tried to pick him up later that evening.

Yes, it hurt and bled a little bit. It was the first of many scratches. We've now had our Benny Rabbit a week and I think that he is warming up to me. In other words, there haven't been any new scratches in the last two days. :)

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  1. I didn't know there was a special way to hold them. I'm glad you are learning and Benny is very soft and cute. I'm glad he is a pet now and saved from the chopping block.