Sunday, June 16, 2013

The DoppleGanger Chronicles #1 the first escape Review

The Doppelganger Chronicles #1 the first escape by G.P. Taylor is a graphic novel set in England. It begins with twin sisters Sadie and Saskia Dopple in an abandoned children's home. They are split up when a mysterious woman chooses to adopt just Saskia. Sadie gets into some trouble at the school and with the help of Erik Ganger a fellow orphan, runs away before she can be sent to prison. They flee in the hopes of finding Saskia not knowing the trouble that she's found herself in.

This book was fun. It was my first time reading a graphic novel. At first I didn't like the way it jumped around but then I enjoyed getting illustrated images of what was being described in the pages, complete with dialogue. There are a few darker elements to the story, but they are in jest or explained away as not real. I recommend this book for a bit of fun.

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