Monday, August 18, 2014

Uncommon Marriage Bible Study Book Review

Uncommon Marriage Bible Study

The Dungys have written a Bible study to be a companion to their book, Uncommon Marriage. I'm neutral about the study, but I do have pros and cons. I didn't like that they asked you to read and discuss the chapters in their book first. It felt to me that a Bible study should start in the Bible and then branch out. That is my major criticism.

I do like the way they clearly line out the format they wish you to use in the study and how to use it in different types of studies. I also enjoyed the extra activities and ideas to promote discussion and bonding. Like, I said above, I'm neutral on this study. I am sure someone could benefit and really enjoy this study. I also have no doubt as to the sincerity and hope of the Dungys to be encouraging, uplifting and inspiring. It's definitely worth a look through to see if it can benefit you in your current phase of life.

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