Saturday, September 28, 2013

Women Living Well Review

I wanted to repost my review in a post without a giveaway.
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I've had the immense pleasure and privilege of being on the launch team for Courtney Joseph's new book, Women Living Well. It is a wonderful book, filled with encouragement and practical tips and ideas on how to live a God centered life. She talks about how to take pleasure in the roles that God has give you to fill.One part that really spoke to me, in particular, was how she talked about praying while she did regular, ordinary tasks. 
She talked about using those moments to pray for her family and/or to thank God for those things. For instance, when she was making her husband's side of the bed, she would pray for him and thank God for giving her a husband. When she washed the laundry, she would thank God for having clothes to wash. This really struck me. I recently had my fifth child only a little over a year after having my fourth so we were still technically adjusting to four children when the fifth came along. I had been struggling with so much to pick up and do with a year and half old son and an infant son. After reading this in her book, it opened my eyes. I was walking from our dining room into our family room and noticed a toy train on the floor. At first, I immediately had a bad attitude and thought about the five other people that had stepped over this train without picking it up. Then I thought about how my son loved playing with that train, and how if he wasn't around I wouldn't have a train to pick up. I picked up the train and thanked God for giving me that son who left trains and other toys all over my house. I thanked God for giving me him to love and to teach me how to love. I noticed that my attitude towards my household tasks changed after that. I still had times where I was tired and frustrated but they were less and less. I enjoyed taking care of my family in this way because I enjoy my family and I'm so thankful God gave them to me.Courtney's book comes out on Tuesday, October 1st.

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