Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Deployed by Mel Odom


Deployed by Mel Odom is a work of fiction about Bekah Shaw, a Marine and single mom, who is deployed to Mogadishu to aid in finding a terrorist and Rageh Daud ,a native to Mogadishu, who is seeking revenge against that same terrorist. When I began reading this book, I immediately liked Bekah. Overall, I enjoyed this story. I felt the book was well written and a good story. At first, I was getting a little bored with the switching between the different characters so much. It felt almost confusing at times. Having read the entire book, I'm glad to have the extensive background on all of the major characters. It is very nice to know where the people come from and I assume since this is the first book in a new series that these characters will return. I'm excited to read the next book in the series. This book started with explaining the backstories as well as a "current event" update for each character. It moved a little slow in my opinion while setting up these 4 characters. After getting to the actual deployment scene and so on, the book moved at a wonderful and compelling pace. There are war scenes and death and descriptions of injuries and so on in this book. It does show good examples of God's plan for you life and that you will be put exactly where you should be. I liked this book a lot and recommend it for an nice read.

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