Friday, June 27, 2014

All for a Story Book Review

Cover: All for a Story

It's the roaring twenties and Monica "Monkey" Bisbaine is a modern girl who writes about speakeasies in Washington, D.C. for a small newspaper, Capital Chatter. Max Moore is a Christian man who has just inherited the Capitol Chatter from his late Uncle Edward. Max is immediately taken by the flirty and wild Monica and endeavors to help her learn of God and His ways.

This was a neat little book. Some of my favorite parts of the story were the references to life in the twenties. It even opens with one of Monica's "Monkey Business" columns, steeped in the language of the twenties. I enjoyed this book. It was a nice read and ended differently than I expected and actually a little abruptly in my opinion. I recommend it.

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