Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mark of Distinction by Jessica Dotta Book Review

Cover: Mark of Distinction

Julia is now living with her father, Lord Pierson after a dramatic rescue from Mr. Macy by her love, Edward. She is trying to get out from under Mr. Macy's grasp but as she puts it herself, "she's gone from one cage to another." Her father's protection comes with a price. What will happen between her and Edward? Will she ever be free of Mr. Macy?

This was another interesting and complicated book. A difference in this book as the first in the series is that faith in God has more of a place. It was mentioned in the first installment but is explored further in this book. Julia is an interesting character. She is very complex and at times off putting, in my opinion. I found myself enthralled. I couldn't wait to read what would happen next. I eagerly await the third book that is coming out next year. I recommend this book and the first in the series, Born of Persuasion.

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