Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bridge to Haven Book Review

Cover: Bridge to Haven 

Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers has a very long and complicated story. It follows closely the lives of pastor Zeke, Joshua Freeman, and Abra Matthews in a small Northern California town. Their journeys in life and in faith are deep and complex. The characters were wonderful to read.

The author doesn't shy away from difficult circumstances and showing how God uses anything and everything to draw his children closer to Him. There are wonderful scripture references and hymns throughout this book. I felt inspired by the characters' journeys in my own faith and relationship with The Lord. This is a long book, over 450 pages. The chapters are long. But it is a very good story. There are some situations in the book that may be a little unexpected as it is Christian Fiction. There are instances of premarital sex, lustfulness, and even abortion. The author doesn't go into any seedy details or explanations, but carefully generally describes what happens. It is a wonderful story of a sinner's journey to forgiveness and restoration in our Lord. I highly recommend reading it.

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