Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven Book Review

Cover: The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven

The boy who came back from heaven tells the true story of Kevin and Alex Malarkey, who were in a car accident in 2004 that paralyzed six year old Alex from the neck down. Alex maintains that he went to heaven after the crash and then was sent back.

I have mixed feelings about this book. I am not one to discount what other vehemently believe or proclaim has happened to them, but Alex was six years old when the crash took place. His recounting of what happened is limited to what he understands. I do feel that the books title leads you to believe that the story is about Alex but it really is about his father Kevin's experiences after the accident. There are small sections from Alex every few chapters or so, but it is basically about what Kevin went through. I feel it should have been titled, "My Son Came Back from Heaven" or something of the like. Kevin seems to be sincere at times, and at other times, arrogant, attention-seeking an almost worshipping his son. I can't agree with everything that is claimed to have happened knowing what I know of God's Word but I won't disagree either. There are wonderful instances of Gods people helping in every and any way possible when this family needed it most. From financial help to prayer vigils, the church really stepped up and helped this family. That is the best part of the this book. I don't really recommend reading this book, I'm neutral either way. If you are curious, there are nice examples of Christians helping others selflessly.

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